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Automatic Piston Casting Machine: D&A 201

Automatic Piston Casting Machine performs a gravity casting process in permanent water-cooled moulds. Mould parts and cores are automatically separated from the product after solidification. A robot manipulator transfers  product to a cooling station where it is cooled by virtue of air and/or water currents. The casting machine is suitable for casting double Aluminium pistons of φ65 mm ~ φ92 mm with a core distance of 150 mm.

Casting Process
 Double mould casting machine.
 Manual operation  in setup mode.
 Fully automatic operation mode.
 Product delivery with robot  
 Optional equipment for strut delivery.
 Hydraulically driven.
 Controlled by Siemens S5-115U PLC.
Technical Specifications:  
Casting machine with control cabinet
ca. 1520 mm
ca. 2000 mm
about 3000kg
Electrical connections
Operation voltage:3x400v
Control voltage:24V-/230V~
Magnet valves:24V-
Consumption:5 kW,rated current 9A
Hydraulic connection
Pressure:40-50 bars
Flow:16 lit. per casting cycle
Water connection
Pressure:5 bars
Flow:about 1.2 m3/h
Pneumatic connection
Pressure:6 bars
Flow:about 24 m3/h
Gas connection
Natural gas:1.1 m3/h
Air for heating:pressure reduced air
Performance Movie:
 Performance Clip (14M)

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