D&A 301


Semi Automatic Electronic Board Assembly Station: D&A 301


Semi Automatic Electronic Board Assembly Station is a semi-automatic machine for THT electronic boards assembly, with high accuracy and speed. Electrical component bins are delivered to the user, while a laser beam is projected by light head on the board in order to indicate the position of components. The control of mechanical movement of the bins, the accurate motion of the laser beam and the safety and integrity of the assembly is controlled by an IPC. A user-friendly software DAS, is developed for the system, which translates the electronic board design into a categorized assembling code for the system.
DAS software is designed to provide a quick and efficient way for assembly program construction.
File import option for PCB design software
Advanced propriety editor for board components
Customizable board viewer
Six different sorting methods
Assembly simulation of written program
The Assembly station consists of 120 bins, in which every 8 bins are placed on a container called "magazine".
The mechanism of the bins is designed in such a way that the bins are delivered to the user with two dimensional movement in the least possible period of time.
In this mechanism two stepper motors are used as actuators.

Great Accuracy: Cooperation of a   microcontroller (online control) and an IPC (supervisory control).
 Pleasant GUI: Touch screen LCD


Technical Specification
Guiding Light
Stepper Motors
User Interface
Touch Screen LCD
Drawing inputs
Automatic from Protel
No. of Bins
Light accuracy
0.2 mm
% 98
54 Kg 
Input Voltage
220 V
Performance Movies:
 Mechanism Motion (10 M)
 Device and Software (4.5 M)
 Optic Performance (3.5 M)
 Software performance (3M)

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