D&A 310


Piston Pin Automatic Quality Control  Machine: D&A 310

Piston pins conform to ultra high precision and quality standards. This automatic quality control machine provides the capability of total products quality control using non-destructive testing methods. Piston pins are graded on the basis of the results of tests.
Main measurement station of the Automatic Quality control machine are:
1) Length measurement
2) Diameter measurement
    (diameter, Cylindricity and
    Eddy current flaw detection
    Ultrasound crack detection
    Ultrasound thickness
3) Ordering and Grading Station


In the length measurement station the following Length of the piston pins are measured with high precision pneumatic actuated LVDT’s.

In the high precision measurement station the following high measurements are accomplished:
1) Sub-micron diameter measurement
2) Eddy current surface flaw detection
3) Ultrasonic crack detection 
    and  thickness measurement


Due to the accuracy of the production  measured in the measurement station, the piston pins are graded automatically into four accepted categories, as well as four required finishing, or rejected categories by this mechanism.

Performance Movies:
·  Performance Clip 1 (18 M)
·  Performance Clip 2 (13 M)

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