D&A 320


Statistical Process Control  (SPC) Software: D&A 320

D&A 320 is capable of sorting and archiving data while providing statistical process control tools including control charts, calculation of statistical quantities like average and standard deviation,  application of sensitivity laws and calculation of process capability ratio, CP, PP and CPK. This software is released in Persian and English languages.


D&A 320 is capable of guiding the Quality Control Engineers the occurrence of any non-random  problems within  the production line. Many statistical tools and measures are calculated and plotted for the operator to ease up  this decision. Average, standard deviation control charts, and histograms are produced by D&A SPC in a Multi Document Interface (MDI) for operator visualization.

D&A 320 Software Stores the data in the standard data base format, ODBC . Hence, these information can be almost unlimited, and used by other data base systems. The diagrams can be exported into bmp or WMF formats. The SPC reports can be generated into html format, ready to be submitted into internet. Many sensitivity rules can be used to generically distinguish production line deviations.

D&A 320 is completely secured by different access codes generated for different level of access, to ensure no loss or change of data from data base, and change of SPC settings for usual operators.
Simultaneous analysis of several data banks is possible, and D&A SPC is fully released in English and Farsi (Persian) Languages.



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