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  Power Plant Control Logic, D&A 410
In this project a comparative analysis has been don on two generations power plants in Iran, namely Nekka and Shazand.
Nekka power plant have a once-through boiler, and its general power generation block diagram is shown in the figure. From the monitored input-output signals a thorough identification for the whole components of the power plant is done, and a complete simulator for the system is generated. This simulator can be used for further development of modern control scheme on the system. The power plant main compartments are:

Nekka Power plant block diagram

Four preheaters and their supply tank
Two high pressure heaters
Water supply and pump

The Boiler Charachteristics:
  •  Two way Benson-Bykok
  •  440 MW Power
  •  12.8 MPa Pressure

Some of the experimental identification results are given as following:

Preheater Identification result

Evaporator Identification result

Turbine Identification result

Superheater Identification result

Complete Integrated Model of The power plant:

Integrated Boiler Model:

Power plant Load controller:  

Proposed Controller Performance:

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