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The industrial Projects that has been accomplished are as following:
Casting Robot, D&A 101
   This robot is designed and implemented on a contract with Iran Piston making Co. Tabriz, Iran. The robot workspace is more than two meters, and it weighs more than one thousand kilogram. The robot will provide the piston making gravitational die machine with apprpriate amount of aluminum melt.
Welding Robot, D&A 110
  This robot is designed on a contract with Azarab Industries, Arak, Iran.  One of main productions of Azarab Industries are power plant boilers, in which numerous pipes in different size and shapes must be welded with high precision. This robot automates welding of two perpendicularly intersecting pipes in a very limited maneuvering space.
Climbing Robot, D&A 120
  This robot is designed on a Contract with Regional Power distributor Co. (Sherkateh Bargheh Mantaghei) Tehran, Iran. The main purpose of the robot is to climb the street lamp stands and wash them automatically.
Casting Machine, D&A 201
  This machine automates the piston casting procedure in a production Cell, and it is designed and implemented based on a contract with Iran Piston making Co. Tabriz, Iran. The Casting machine controlles the production of the pistons in a gravity casting procedure, and it fully automates the cooling and production sequence through a PLC controller. It Performs a gravity casting process in permanent water-cooled moulds. Mould parts and cores are automatically separated from the product after solidification. A robot manipulator transfers  product to a cooling station where it is cooled by virtue of air and/or water currents. The casting machine is suitable for casting double Aluminium pistons of φ65 mm ~ φ92 mm with a core distance of 150 m.
Electronic Board Assembly, D&A 301
  This machine is designed and implemented  on a contract with Sazeh Pooyesh Co. Eshtehard, Iran. The machine is a semi-automatic machine for THT electronic boards assembly, with high accuracy and speed. Electrical component bins are delivered to the user, while a laser beam is projected by light head on the board in order to indicate the position of components. The control of mechanical movement of the bins, the accurate motion of the laser beam and the safety and integrity of the assembly is controlled by an IPC. A user-friendly software DAS, is developed for the system, which translates the electronic board design into a categorized assembling code for the system
Automatic Quality Control Machine, D&A 310
  Automatic Quality Control Machine is designed and implemented on a contract with Piston Pin manufacturing Co. Tabriz, Iran. Piston pins conform to ultra high precision and quality standards. This automatic quality control machine provides the capability of total products quality control using ultra precise dimensioning and non-destructive testing methods. Piston pins are graded on the basis of the results of tests.
SPC Software, D&A 320
  SPC Software is designed and implemented on a contract with Piston Pin manufacturing Co. Tabriz, Iran. This software is capable of sorting and archiving data while providing statistical process control tools including control charts, calculation of statistical quantities like average and standard deviation,  application of sensitivity laws and calculation of process capability ratio, CP, PP and CPK. This software is released in Persian and English languages
Robotic Cell, D&A 401
  Robotic Cell is designed and implemented on a contract with Novin Dana Co, Tehran, Iran. It is a robotic cell designed to illustrate the integration of five different automatic components of a production line working together. The integrity of robotic handling system, flexible conveying system, Quality control unit and grading system is controlled with an IPC, and a user friendly software developed for the system.
Control Logic, D&A 410
  This project is done based on a contract with Tavanir Co. Tehran, Iran. In this project the overall control logic of two power plants are studied in detail. The objective of this study is to compare the control logic of a newly designed power plant (Shazand) to a relatively older design (Nekka). In this project a extensive simulator for Nekka power plant is designed and identified, and some modern control techniques to revamp the control logic of this power plant is developed.

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