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Course Description
Course Name:  Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Course No.  EE - 126
Professor:  Dr. Hamid D. Taghirad
Semester:  Spring 95
Room and Time: Sat. 9:00:10:30 Room 301 and 302
Office Hours: Mon. 9:15-10:15 Dept. Chair

Course Contents:

In this course the general contents of the Electrical Engineering Program is detailed in three sessions.

Course Documents

Lecture Presentation files (pdf1) (pdf2)

Pictures and Video Clips



Serial Manipulators

 Adept SCARA, Articulated, Fanuc, Fanuc articulated, Kawasaki, Kuka, Panasonic, Staubli

Parallel Manipulators

 CAE Flight simulator, SGP, SGP schematic
Humanoids  SARCOS
Singularity Benefits! Payload maximization for a Puma 762 robot - Movie(Real) - Movie (Mpeg)

Video clips

Applications: Assembly line, Assembly HDD, Painting, Packaging, Pick and Place, Surgery, Spot welding, Seam Welding
Parallel Robots SGP in motion, Hexa Plane, Hexa Peg-in-hole, 6DOF SB, Agile eye,
Robotic Hands Rolling Can, Light Bulb, Twiddles,
Humanoids, Tetris,

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