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Course Description

Course Name:  Industrial Control
Course No.  EE - 851
Professor:  Dr. Hamid D. Taghirad
Semester:  Spring 89
Room and Time:  Mon and Wed: 10:30-12:00  Room 209
Office Hours:  Mon:    9:15:10:15

Course Contents:

This course aims to introduce the basic concept of industrial automation and modeling and control of industrial process. The course is divided into two parts, namely industrial automation and process modeling and control. The first part of the course covers modeling of industrial processes through physical principles, and also identification of them using time and frequency domain techniques. Tuning of industrial controllers like PID is elaborated using Ziegler-Nichols criteria as well as other techniques. Finally the controller implementation through pneumatic, electric, electronic hardware as well as digital implementation is introduced. In the second part, hydraulic and pneumatic system in industrial automation is introduced and their logic design is elaborated. Next, Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are introduced and their hardware and software are explained, special attention to ladder programming for industrial processes are examined through comprehensive examples. Siemens S7 PLC's are briefly introduced here, due to its intensive use in industries. The student will practice their knowledge of PLC programming in the PLC LAB, which is offered as a one credit course.

The tentative course contents are as following.

Time:      Teaching Contents
Week 1

Process Modeling: modeling with physical principals, state equations, electromechanical system modeling, hydraulic systems modeling.

Week 2

Process Modeling: Mechanical systems modeling with Lagrange, open tank modeling, level control, modeling of tanks with pump, drums, thermal processes.

Week 3

Process Identification: Dynamic models, time response methods, two, three and four components models, integrating systems, oscillating systems.

Week 4

Process Identification: Frequency response methods, Z.N. frequency responce method, relay feedback method, parametric identification, least-squares solution.

Week 5

PID controllers, implementation: PID controller characteristics, electical implementation, electronic implementation, pneumatic implementation, microprocessor implementation.

Week 6

PID controllers, tuning: Ziegler-Nichols tunings methods, IAE, ISE, and other methods.

Week 7

PID controllers, tuning:  Extended Z.N. method, when and why Z.N. are effective, integral windup, systems with delay.

Week 8

PID controllers, design: P controller design based on stability margin,  PI controller design based on steady state characteristics or disturbance rejection in steady state.

Week 9

PID controllers, design: Lag controller design, PD controller and closed loop bandwidth, lead controller, PID and lead-lag controller, comprehensive example.

Week 10  Midterm  
Week 11

Introduction: Industrial process, Automation benefit, automation components, process modeling and control, PID controllers.

Week 12

Industrial Automation: Pneumatic and hydraulic in automation,  valves and actuators, position control of hydraulic cylinders,

Week 13

Industrial Automation: position control of hydraulic cylinders, sequence control, cascade control.

Week 14

Industrial Automation: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), basics, hardware, programming methods, simple program development.

Week 15

Industrial Automation: PLC applied examples, ladder programming, PLC industrial process examples, introduction to Siemens S7 PLC's.




1  Hamid D. Taghirad, An Introduction to Industrial Automation and Process Control, With Presentation of Siemens Step7 PLC, 2nd Edition, K.N. Toosi University Publication.
2 Advanced PID Control, K.J. Astrom, and T. Hagglund, Third Edition, Inst. Soc. America, TJ 223.P55A85, 2006
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5  Power Pneumatics, M.J. Pinches and B.J. Caller, Prentice Hall, TJ950.C35, 1997


Assignments (pdf) Projects (pdf) Exams (pdf)
Assignment 1    Solution Project 1    Midterm
Assignment 2  Solution Project 2  Final
Assignment 3    Solution      
Assignment 4  Solution
Assignment 5    Solution Quizz1, Quizz2, Quizz3, Quizz4, Quizz5,

Selected Projects


 Mathworks Matlab:
 Control Toolbox.

Selected Papers

1. H.D. Taghirad and H. Memarzadeh and M. Younesi, Design and implementation of Electronic system and computer control of a 4 DOF Robot D&A 401, in the proceeding of 11th International conference of Electrical Engineering, Tabriz, 2002.
2. H.D. Taghirad, A. Ghaffari, S.A.A. Moosavian and M. Khalkhali, Design and implementation of the computer control system of casting Robot D&A 101, in the proceeding of 10 International Conference of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, June 2002.
3. H.D. Taghirad and S. Afshar, Linear identification and PID controller design and implementation on a SCARA robot, Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, May 1999, Isfahan.

 Description  Contents  References  Assignments  Documents  Software  Papers