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   Alpha M.O.S. is one of the pioneers on the EN market. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has seen a steady growth. It has settlements and branch offices in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, while Bran&Luebbe tends to its distribution network in other parts of the world. This makes the company a global player. Without any doubt, Alpha M.O.S. also has the largest range of different systems. that can be mentioned the modular laboratory system FOX, which encompasses FOX2000, FOX3000, FOX4000 and FOX5000, systems which contain one, two, three and four sensor arrays, respectively, each of which containing six sensors. A standard array board consists of MOS sensors, of which two are available and can be extended with a QMB and/or CP board. The company engages also in the mass-spectrometric approach of olfactometry with their device a-Kronos. In addition they intend to introduce Centauri, a new hyphenated technique that couples an EN to a mass-spectrometric module. currently, they  introduce the first commercial electronic tongue, under the name Astree Liquid and Taste Analyzer. The software used to interpret the data, called a-Soft, originated as National Instruments’ Labview and has now reached its seventh release. It allows techniques like principal component analysis (PCA), projection to latent structure (PLS), and artificial neural networks (ANNs), as well as a transferability utility to convert data from different systems (i.e., slightly different sensors and systems). Alpha M.O.S. took the initiative and in 1993 organized the first ‘International Symposium on Olfaction and the EN’. This initiative was taken over by the academic world in 1998.

More about FOX:

FOX can be equipped with :

  • 6 sensors : FOX2000
  • 12 sensors : FOX 3000
  • 18 sensors : FOX 4000

Modularity in sensor array

  • Easy sensor array upgrade from 6 to 24 sensors for any type of application
  • New chamber design significantly increases response time and sensitivity

Flexible sampling system for headspace generation

  • Large choice of sampling methods (static, dynamic, manual) and vial capacity
  • High throughput capability (up to 96 samples)
  • No special sample preparation required


Company Model Type of Sensors No. of Sensors in the Array Approximate Cost Comments
Alpha M.O.S. Fox 2000 Metal Oxides or conducting polymers; as well as surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors 6, 12 or 18 $50,000 Uses ANN technology for calibration/data processing


It requires an external PC (6.4 Go, CD ROM, Pentium II - 350 MHz, 64 Mo RAM, 2 RS 232, MS DOS et Windows 95), and synthetic air (laboratory quality).


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