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Course Description
Course Name: Instrumentation
Course No.  EE - 892
Professor:  Dr. Hamid D. Taghirad
Semester:  Spring 92
Room and Time:  Mon-Wed: 10:30-12:00 Room 204
Office Hours:  Mon-Wed: 9:00-10:30 Room 321

Course Contents (pdf)

This course aims to introduce the fundamentals of measurements and instrumentation systems. In this course the student learn how to choose the correct method of sensing, the requires sensor and transducer for a particular application, in addition to the conditioning circuit required to accomplish an instrumentation task. The quantities covered in this course are, force, torque, pressure, position, velocity, acceleration, temperature, and fluid flow. The course consists of usual course lectures in addition to a complete research project, in which each student research on a particular instrumentation system for a particular application, whose result is presented and published on the web in the selected project page.

The tentative course contents are as following.
Time:      Teaching Contents
Week 1

Introduction: Application of Instrumentation systems, measurement error and accuracy, sensors for different measurements.

Week 2

Introduction: Sensors for different measurements.

Week 3

Conditioning circuits:  Active and passive conditioning circuits, for bias compensation, amplifier and gain, filters, ...

Week 4

Force, torque and pressure:  Introduction to strain and stress, strain gauges, conditioning circuits.

Week 5

Force, torque and pressure: Different force and torque sensors. load cells, link and beam type load cells, ring type, torsion torque meters.

Week 6

Force, torque and pressure:  2 axis force-torque measurement, 3 and 6 axis force-torque measurement, pressure transducers, vacuum transducers.

Week 7

Position Measurements:  Definitions, Kinematics relations, potentiometers, resistive, capacitive, magnetic type transducers

Week 8

Position and Velocity:  Incremental encoders, quadrature counter, linear and angular velocity measurements, Seismic measurements.

Week 9


Week 10

Temperature: Definitions and methods of measurements, resistive thermometers, RTD's, Thermistors, Methods of Calibrations.

Week 11

Temperature  Thermocouples, thermoelectric properties, thermelectric materials, Thermocouple types.

Week 12

Temperature:  Thermocouple industrial types, Pyrometers, photonic thermometers, other industrial types of thermometers.

Week 13

Fluid Flow:  Definitions, laminar and turbulant  flow. velocity profiles in the pipes, Pitot tubes, calibration methods.

Week 14

Fluid Flow:  compressible flow measurements, hot wire and hot film anymometers, Rotameters,  flow meters in open channels.

Week 15

Fluid Flow:  Turbine flowmeters, Venturi, nozzle and orifice flow meters Sluice and Wier gates, capillary tubes, Laser-doppler anymometers.




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6 Electronic instrumentations and measurements, L.D. Jones and A. Foster, Prentice Hall, TK 7878.4 J66, 1991.


Assignments (pdf) Selected term Projects (html) Exams (pdf)
Assignment 1  07/12/91 Solution  Deadline of Project Report: Final    20/03/92
Assignment 2 16/12/91 Solution  Part 1: 28/01/92, Part 2: 23/02/92  

Assignment 3

23/12/91 Solution  Final Report: 27/03/92  
Assignment 4 04/02/92 Solution  Student please come to my office to get the corrections needed on your reports.  
Assignment 5 01/03/92 Solution   Project Presentations: 23/02, 30/02/1392, and 01/03/92  Grades

Final projects may be submitted to my office or my box in 4th floor in a CD, or to be sent to the TA_email: Keyvan Mohammadi <k1.mhmmd[at sign]>. Please don't send your reports to my e-mail!

Course Documents:

 Related materials (pdf)
 Nondestructive Testing Course materials
 Nondestructive Testing: Ultrasound
 Nondestructive Testing: Eddy current (impedance, bridges, circuits)
Fundumentals of Absolute Encoders: (Heidenhein)
Linear and Rotary incremental Encoders
HART protocol
Temperature tables for PT100 and thermocouple tyes BT, ET, JT, KT, NT, RT, ST, TT
Some conditioning cicuits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, more in
Process control Instrumentation:

Selected Projects

The list of final project titles (html)  Please see the final presentation times
The grading scheme for the projects (html)
The guideline for preparation of the project presentation and project report  (html): Theoretical projects
The guideline for preparation of the practical projects report  (pdf): Report template
                                                                                  (student instruction doc) (solution manual (doc)
Fall 82 final Projects (html)
Fall 86 final Projects (html)

Related Papers

1. H.D. Taghirad and P.R. Belanger, Intelligent built-in torque sensor of harmonic drive systems, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, Vol. 48, No. 6, pp 1201-1207, Dec 1999.
2. H.D. Taghirad and P.R. Belanger, Torque ripple and misalignment torque compensation for the built-in torque sensor of harmonic drive systems, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, Vol. 47, No. 01, pp 309-315, Feb. 1998.
3. H.D. Taghirad and P.R. Belanger, Kalman filter torque sensing technique for harmonic drives, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Industrial Automation, Vol 1, pp 13.1-13.4, June 1998, Montreal, Canada.
4. H.D. Taghirad, M. Abrishamchian and R. Ghabcheloo, Electromagnetic levitation system: An experimental approach, Proceedings of the 7th international Conference on Electrical Engineering, Power System Vol, pp 19-26, May 1998, Tehran.
5. H.D. Taghirad, A. Helmy and P.R. Belanger, Intelligent built-in torque sensor for harmonic drive systems, Proceeding of the 1997 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurements Conference, 2:969-974, May 1997.

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