Water & Environmental Applications

Air Entrainment in Spillway

Bridge Pier

Bell and Siphon

Circular Weir


Dam Breach

Flow in Rough Surfaces

Flow Over a Step

Hydraulic Jump Control

Parshall Flume


Shallow Flow

Shoaling Wave

Sluice Gate

Weir Flow


At one time or another anyone interested in hydraulics has wished for a way to investigate complicated free-surface flows without spending time at the end of a mop. Experiments in a laboratory flume can be tough to set up, costly to carry out, and difficult to replicate. Use of FLOW-3D as a "numerical" flume, on the other hand, suffers from none of these character flaws.


Experiments in our numerical flume can be set up in minutes and solutions to most free-surface flow problems can be had in a matter of hours. The numerical solutions are, moreover, found to be accurate when compared to theoretical and experimental work. Even for discontinuous and rapidly varied flows this fact holds true (e.g., the flow over a weir or the development of a hydraulic jump, below).

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