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Ramin Mehran

MS in Electrical Engineering

Control Department
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
K.N.Toosi University
Tehran, Iran.

Latest News:

0- Sep. 2007: Joined Computer Vision Lab @ UCF

1- Jan. 2007: The newly revised CV in PDF is uploaded.

2- I've graduated [photo]. I've moved from Advance Automation Lab to Advance Control Lab to work as research engineer in Universal Control System project.

3- Did you ever see my photoblog?

4- This page has a hardly maintained mirror at http://ac.raminia.com

The best way to contact me is to email me to mehran (at) ieee [dot] org

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What's New

  • 09/xx/05 Resume is constantly updating!
  • 05/31/05 - Report of Literature servy on BBS (in Persian) (main) (references)
  • 03/07/05 - Behavior Based Systems: Literature Review (My final presentation for the seminar course).
  • 01/16/05 - Nonlinear control course project is available here (temp address).
  • 01/16/05 - My Second seminar is also available at project page.
  • 11/01/04 - My first primary seminar on the subject of my project is available now at project page.
  • 10/27/04 - About Me, Project and Mobota pages are available now.
  • 10/11/04 - The site is redesigned!
  • 10/01/04 - My resume is revised slightly.
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