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It's suppose to be some notes about me here. OK! That's it: It's me!

My resume is just here but if you want see me from a different point of view: I'm Ramin Mehran, last year student master's program in control engineering at Control Department of faculty of Electrical Engineering at K.N.Toosi University in Tehran, Iran. I'm working on my project, "Dynamic Modeling of Context in Control", and my main interests are Intelligent systems as a whole. Neural networks and fuzzy systems are my favorite tools and in addition I pro connectionist approach in AI.  I've worked on so diverse academic subjects that one of my friend has dubbed me with the term: "white noise with the maximum entropy". I'm well experienced with image processing along with pattern recognition, specially, with the use in Optical Character Recognition. Besides, I've done my BS project on 3D human face synthesis from two orthogonal 2-D images which wanders around some topics in computer graphics and face recognition. Besides, in my BS days I was involved in building Sigma-Alpha-Omega's autonomous mobile robot, Mobota, specially the in image processing part. I enjoy programming and I'm well experienced with C/C++, Visual C++, C#, Delphi. I was involved in two Persian OCR project at PAYA software company where in the first project I've done natural language processing modeling and implementation. In the second project, which was a cursive document recognition I was the technical manager of the project and I designed and programmed the Image processing and recognition section. (more info is available at my resume)


When I'm not engaged with academic stuff, I have some serious things to do: Taking photos, sleeping, reading books, writing weblog, writing PHP code, internet surfing and, listening to music and seldom watching movies. Since I got my Fuji digital camera, my main hobby has become taking photos and learning photography! I've also became a member of developing team of Pixelpost which is an open-source PHP software to make a photoblog in few seconds. I'm writing codes there for fun and pleasure. Although it's rare these days, but I love to read novels, social science, or even psychology books on my spare times.

This is my homepage on the university's website. My personal website is at www.raminia.com.



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